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Fulu, Wiu – Wet Fry


Fulu, Wiu – Wet Fry

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Fulu (Wiu) Wet Fry, a culinary masterpiece that combines the distinctive taste of Fulu (Wiu) with the rich, savory notes of wet frying. This dish is a symphony of flavors that will take your taste buds on a journey of delight.

Distinctive Fulu (Wiu): Our Fulu (Wiu) Wet Fry begins with carefully selected Fulu (Wiu), renowned for its tender and succulent meat. We take pride in choosing only the finest fish to ensure that each bite is a celebration of quality and taste.

Savory Wet Fry Technique: The wet frying method infuses the Fulu (Wiu) with a medley of flavors, combining aromatic spices and herbs to create a rich and savory profile. This process allows the fish to absorb the essence of the seasonings, resulting in a taste sensation like no other.

Oder Options

Fish + Ugali, Fish + Ugali + Greens(Sukuma/Kienyeji), Fish Plain


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